Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Midterm Test Reel!

Spring 2013 - Most recent Animations

Spring 2013! Finally catching up!

Fall 2012 - Senior Show Invitation

This one's all roto! No way am I taking credit for this amazing animation, but MAN I learned so much!

Fall 2012 - Catching up 4!

Fall 2012 - Youtube Skips Frames...

Remind me not to upload my demo reel here...

Fall 2012 - Audio!

These will be links because they'll keep looping! But each of these are audio tests! When I Dream... You're a bumbling... Each one of us is... You really gonna...?

Fall 2012 - Catching up 3!

Fall 2012 - Journey Tests!

Warning for blinking test frames!

Fall 2012 - Catching up with Bad Duck!

Fall - 2012 - Catching up!

School = lack of updaters! But I've got plenty of animation to post!